Rupert Murdoch: Britain’s secret ruler

Ben Ffrench looks at the Media Mogul’s sinister grip on the UK

Rupert Murdoch: the king of Britain?
Rupert Murdoch: the king of Britain?

There is one man in Britain with political power beyond compare. He has power over the justice system, a giant arm in the oil industry, and control over world leaders. But this man is not a politician, nor a high court judge. Yes, that’s right, you guessed it, this man is a media mogul named Rupert Murdoch. And, with a Conservative government back, his power of the government is greater than ever.

In this article, I aim to bring to light the web of power the BskyB owner has over the world, both nationally, and internationally, exposing his dirty activities all around the globe, and control over our country’s workings. He has a finger in a lot of pies, and many are rather questionable…

Let’s start with oil. Rupert Murdoch is breaching international law for his ill-gotten gains, leeching off a country’s instability in a time of war. In 2010, Murdoch, along with Jacob Rothschild, purchased a joint 5.5% stake in Genie Oil and Gas, whose subsidiary, Afek Oil and gas, an Israeli company, has begun drilling in Golan Heights, Syria. A disputed territory, this is illegal under international law – it is internationally recognised as Syrian territory. But Murdoch, a climate change denier, just wants to make money. And Syria is in a state of war, so Murdoch can exploit the chaos. That’s why he supports all military action by the west, as Afek can reclaim the territory taken from them from IS (Islamic State) and secure his moneymaking scheme. But that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

He’s not the prime minister, he’s not an MP, and he’s not even a voter. But Murdoch has more political power than one could ever wish for, influencing election after election. He was close with Blair when Labour stormed to victory in 1997, and he’s close with the Tories now, which was emphatically proved when the Tories won this year. In late 2010, with a Tory-led Coalition government in power, Murdoch’s company News Corp launched a takeover bid for BskyB, launching into Government talks. When in 2010, a Telegraph investigation found the Government takeover bids judge, Lib Dem Vince Cable to be Anti-Murdoch, he was stripped of the post and it was handed to Media secretary Jeremy Hunt, who was sympathetic to the bid. Government talks were found to be very friendly with News Corp, or dare I say it, biased, and a takeover was soon granted, against public opinion. Hunt was even allowed to be in a room by himself with James Murdoch, with no civil servants present.  If it wasn’t for the phone hacking scandal, which forced News Corp to withdraw, Murdoch would have full control of BskyB.  As it is, he’s still leading shareholder, with 39.5% of shares.

And the case goes further. As reported in papers such as the Guardian and the Daily Mail, Adam Smith, special adviser to the culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, was forced to resign in 2012 after it was discovered he had been leaking sensitive government information to Frederic Michel, News Corp’s public affairs director and lobbyist, showing the Government’s stance on the takeover bid, and highly sensitive commercial material. He also released statements claiming government position to be pro-news corp. And Michel and Murdoch kept close contact. Smith claims that he was acting as a lone wolf, and that Jeremy Hunt told him to ‘fall on his sword’. But is this really true? Many texts revealed in the Leveson inquiry appear to show the Hunt fully implicated, with numerous references to ‘JH’. As well as this, the inquiry appeared to show direct texts between Hunt and Michel, with cheeky, informal language such as ‘mon ami’ and ‘daddy’ being passed between the two. And then, Hunt, telling his conspirator of the government’s takeover decision said that there was ‘nothing u won’t like’ about the bid result. And Jeremy Hunt’s political career is going better than ever, as he is now Health secretary, despite numerous calls to quit.

But Murdoch’s political control isn’t just confined to Britain. He has a global outreach, no more present than in America. The mogul’s ownership of Fox News in America is shameful. The company is a dirty stain on the good name of America. The news corporation describes racism as ‘non-existent’ and appears to hint that racial mixing is wrong. Among other things, it has been said on the news channel in the in the past that Jesus was white. One controversial presenter, Sean Hannity, has declared the Ferguson protesters ‘racial arsonists’. It is also naturally, in favour of military intervention at any cost, serving the interests of the few over the many. And an American National election studies report showed that viewers were more likely to hold racist views, due to the provocation of fear in viewers that Black, Muslim and other minorities were out to get them. Chilling…

The Hacking trial. You will have read a lot about this. Was Rebekah Brooks guilty? It would appear not. But still consider: money and influence can get you a long way, especially when you’re close with Rupert Murdoch.  According to Guardian writer Nick Davies, a firsthand witness: ‘Rupert Murdoch’s money flooded that courtroom. It flowed to the defence of Rebekah Brooks, because he backed her… lawyers and court reporters… agreed they had never seen anything like it, this multi million rolls-royce engine purring through the proceedings’. Far fetched as this may seem, it would make sense. Brooks’ contacts with Cameron allowed Murdoch to get very close to him, and gain such influence, and for that, he owed her one. Interesting.

Normally, I would give my subject a response to my allegations. But not Murdoch. Why? Because he probably already has responded. Just read newspapers like the Sun and The Times, Media outlets like Fox News. Everywhere across the Murdoch Empire you go, you will immediately be able to identify Murdoch influenced rhetoric. None less than the Sun, which stepped up the outrageous personal attacks which gripped Ed Miliband, instantly corrupting thousands if not millions of voters’ choices at the General Election. It was the Sun that pegged down the ‘two kitchens Miliband’ image, later bearing a headline with Downton Miliband saying: ‘We do have two kitchens- nanny uses the one downstairs’.

So there it is. It is clear that Murdoch is more powerful than ever, with a morally repugnant business empire. But what must be done? As Murdoch gradually hands his empire to son James Murdoch, and his brother Lachlan, it is necessary to:

  • Boycott all of the Murdoch Media- The Sun, The Times, Fox News etc. This is hard, but vital.
  • Disinvest in fossil fuels and other such things, being not only bad for the earth, but helping Murdoch.
  • Vote in the Labour Leadership battle to prevent centre right Murdoch puppets such as Liz Kendall getting in. Then Vote Labour at the General Election.

I sign off with a quote from George Bernard Shaw:

Progress is impossible with change, and those who can’t change their minds can’t change anything