Teachers come dancing 2015

On Thursday night, the first ‘Teachers Come Dancing’ took place in the Amey Theatre, and the roof was lifted with applause and buzz from the audience. Hosted by the enthusiastic duo of Charlie Macpherson, and St Helen’s student Marina Aspinall, the event was one that will be remembered for a long time.

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The night began with an introduction by the presenters, both appearing to be extremely excited by their roles and confident. They announced the five expert judges of Felicity Lusk, Jeremy Taylor, and Rob Jeffreys, as well as students Harry Templeman and Chloe Taylor. Each provided their precise knowledge of dance, and applied accurate and fair scores to all acts. Following this, a showcase dance from young group ‘Pulse’ lit up the room, and pumped adrenaline into the audience, preparing them for the exciting performances that were coming up.

Brave partners Olly Deasy and Emily O’Doherty kicked off the competition. They appeared nervous at first, but their enjoyment of the performance beamed out as the dance went on. Upbeat and uplifting, they were followed by an impressed audience, and good responses from the judges. Rob Jeffreys presented the first criticism of the night, and was swiftly met with boos from the crowd, followed by the praise from James Taylor, who was of course then met with cheers. The two dancers could walk off the stage with their heads held high knowing they had provided a good effort and an electrifying introduction..

Following a strong start, were the mighty Andrew Hall and Victoria Pradas. Bringing a bold confidence, and a striking act to the theatre. They gave the sense that they really owned the stage. Posture and formation was everything in this dance, and both teachers upheld their side of the routine. This was complemented by the judges, each impressed with what had happened before them. Their scores pulled them into the lead, and it seemed the Champion’s title was still available for anyone to get their hands on.

Next up were crowd pleasers Nick Fieldhouse and Victoria Griffiths, expressing a tragic and smart story of a secret agent trying to impress a woman. Comedic, classy, and occasionally saucy, they were met with cheers and whoops from the audience. Their dancing may not have been perfect, but it was an incredibly strong effort, and definitely very entertaining. The judges acknowledged this and they each gave strong scores to the dancers, meaning they then had the highest scores of the night. The excitement in the theatre crescendoed, as the announcement of the winners came closer.

Finally, to round off an extremely enjoyable night, were John Davies and Regina Engel-Heart, who bounced onto the stage with excitement and energy. Grinning with joy, and moving with springs in their steps, the two shone and provided an impressive performance. They attempted dangerous and difficult flips, and showed great technical skill, leading to everyone in the room being enthralled and dazzled. It appears the judges were also wowed, giving them the highest score of the night, with the near perfect 49 out of 50. With everyone’s score so close, it felt as if the trophy could be anyone’s.

The night was also complemented with fantastic street dancing from expert dancer Nezete Önen, who was met with a stunned audience, enthralled by her moves. Experienced blues dancer and judge Rob Jeffreys was met on the stage by dance partner Tamsin Howells. He successfully demonstrated his right to judge others, as his dance knowledge was obvious in the confidence of his steps. It was a great example of how an act can work together in dance, and rounded off a thrilling evening.

Towards the end of the evening, it was now time for the audience to express their favourites. The opportunity was given for everyone to clap and cheer for who they wanted to win, and the results would be carefully calculated and put into consideration alongside the judges’ scores. Each act got a huge applause, and it was very hard to tell who got the loudest response. After a few tense minutes, the winners were announced, and John Davies and Regina Engel-Heart were awarded the title of ‘Teachers Come Dancing Champions 2015.’ They were presented with the supremely regal prize of an inflatable trophy, and all those closely involved were presented with flowers. The night was rounded off with another performance from the winning pair, leaving a smile on everyone’s face. Overall, despite some minor technical issues, the event, which was the first of it’s kind at the school, was a roaring success, raising approximately £1000 for the charity ‘Blue Skye Thinking.’

Dan Alcock