The immigration myth

David Cameron’s demands: ‘the wrong things, for the wrong reasons’.

Ben Ffrench gives his take on Immigration and the EU debate

There is too much stigma surrounding immigration. And as the debate surrounding the EU reaches its climax, one thing is clear: the stigma is only going to get worse. Politicians like Nigel Farage promote it to a level far beyond its eminence, complaining: ‘I can’t even speak my own language anymore.’ They viciously attack the EU, proclaiming it to be an undemocratic elite, who allow open-door immigration to every country.

There are issues with the European Union, this is very true. But we have to stay in. There’s no point walking off the pitch just because you might lose. And I have no respect for those who are in this for the wrong reasons. Such as immigration.

It’s all blown up in the media. The Daily Mail screams: ‘THREE MILLION MIGRANT WORKERS’. David Cameron is bashed and criticised by the Mail, the Telegraph, the Daily Express and the Times, as well as the Eurosceptic monster inside his own party for not being tough enough on the issue.

This is a renegotiation for the Tory party

But the shocking truth: he panders to them. The Prime Minister does not stand up for the British people- he doesn’t stick up for workers rights, he doesn’t stick up for democracy. Millions of people in the UK rely on David Cameron for a good deal in the EU, and safety and security. And what does he do? He alienates himself in Europe, through a series of poisonous, divisive and downright discriminatory (I’d like to say racist) moves that are unachievable, as they aim to seek a change to hard fought for treaties. They are morally wrong.

Who is this a good deal for? The 1922 committee? Eurosceptic backbenchers? This isn’t in the interest of the people, nor should it be. Immigration plays a large part.  Jeremy Corbyn couldn’t have put it better when he said Cameron was doing ‘the wrong things for the wrong reasons’. This is a renegotiation for the Tory party.

And the sad, obvious detail: it is targeted at immigrants, and immigration. Emergency break on Immigration, no immigrant benefits or tax credits for four years, no integration. Attacks, if not compromises on the great bastion that is the EU’s principle of free movement. This is a sideshow, a farce.

These moves don’t give more money to Britain, or free up Britain’s economy, as people say it will. They only make it worse for immigrants who want to come to this country. Those being undercut with low wages and exploitation will have no safety net from poverty, as there are no tax credits. Immigration is, will be and always has been crucial to a thriving economy, and this only makes it worse for Britain.

David Cameron does not stand up for the British people

This renegotiation scam only hurts Britain’s standing as a great Internationalist nation, with a keen interest in foreign affairs. It bolsters that repugnant ‘little England’ Island ideology, that wants to border itself up from other nations. And it plays up the stigma and the myth purported by the Daily Mail, amongst other media. This has an incredibly damaging effect on Britain’s International standing in the long run.

The Immigration debate is always clouded with myths, but to leave you, here are some facts:

  • A British Social Attitudes survey conducted by NatCen found that two-thirds of immigrants coming to the UK already have job offers before they arrive. This makes the whole ‘immigrants on benefits’ idea seem ignorant.
  • Just 7% of all those claiming any kind of Welfare are immigrants. This puts to bed the benefits myth- according to the department for Work and Pensions.
  • Britain takes in barely any refugees, with one of the toughest Asylum systems in the world- according to the Week magazine Home office statistics, just 40% of Asylum claims are successful.