The name’s Bond…

Hiddleston? Elba? Anderson? Who will the next Bond be?

Scott Thomson discusses who will play the next James Bond.

After James Bond’s critical flop of Spectre, the debate rages on which actor is most suitable to play James Bond after Daniel Craig’s sluggish and forgettable exit. Despite being in a contract for two more movies, Craig is unlikely to return in the role due to his hatred of the character, saying he would ‘slash my wrists’ rather than reprise the role. Craig has also signed up for ‘Purity’, a new American drama, seemingly confirming that he will never return to the role.

On June 9th, Tom Hiddleston, the next favourite to play the iconic spy, has announced it is unlikely he will ever be asked to play the role. Hiddleston announced at Wizard World comic convention that, ‘I don’t think that announcement is coming’.

There has been wild speculation concerning a black James Bond, possibly played by Idris Elba. This has sparked a racism row over whether a black James Bond would be suitable, including Daniel Craig stepping in and saying that he doesn’t ‘give a f**ck what colour their skin is’ and that it ‘shouldn’t be an issue’.

Another possibility for a re-imagined James Bond is whether James Bond could be played by a woman. Again, this has sparked much debate over whether paying attention to the character and the original source material should be more important than promoting diversity, and whether having a female James Bond would be pro-feminism anyway, as it has been accused of simply being ‘James Bond in a frock’, not a true feminist icon.

Gillian Anderson is a female favourite, after posting a picture on her twitter of her posing for a photograph featuring the James Bond gun barrel as a background, with the words, ‘It’s Bond, Jane Bond’.

Another potential Bond is Henry Cavill, a British actor most known for his role as Superman in Man of Steel, and Napoleon Solo in last summer’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Cavill was originally cast in Casino Royale, but turned down for being too young to play the role. Now, Cavill is only four years older than Fleming’s Bond from the original books.

The final most popular actor for the role is Tom Hardy, another rising British actor known for his roles in The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road and the Revenant. While Hardy is a flexible and good actor, whether he is suited to play Flemming’s classy, suave spy is questionable. Hardy’s roles have previously encompassed a more brutish presence that may clash with the typically more refined style of Bond.

My personal favourite actor for Bond was Hiddleston, but with him doubting whether he will play the role I am starting to lean towards Cavill. He has significant star power, playing arguably the main role in the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie and could potentially attract new fans to the franchise, especially overseas. He also looks the part and was the original choice for what later turned out to be a great movie. While increased diversity in films can be beneficial, I think Bond needs to stick to his guns.