Harry Potter & the Cursed Child

The play has been rated 5 stars by everyone. Everyone.

Freddie Marshall tells us about J.K Rowling’s new hit: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child.

Harry Potter and the cursed child is a new play written by J.K Rowling, Jack Thorn and John Tiffany. The Play is based on the popular selling harry potter series and it was J.K Rowling’s way of telling her ever growing audience the eighth story. It is set 19 years after the seventh book and is based around Harry’s Child Albus. It was madness when the tickets went on sale varying from 15 to 70 pounds. They sold out almost immediately leaving many fans in disappointment. There only other option was to buy them at resale price which was unfortunately pricing up to 5,000 pounds.

Photo: Captain Roger Fenton 1860
Photo: Captain Roger Fenton 1860

I was lucky enough to go to see the play and it was amazing the work that went on down behind the stage and the mechanics was incredible. The storyline was interesting and gripping and obviously the critics thought the same.

The music was composed especially for this play and surprisingly the original harry potter music was never used. It created an astounding atmosphere. The stage magic was so up to scratch and well worked and practised blowing away everyone’s minds. This shocked so many people used to seeing the film on T.V as it is especially impressive to see it performed on stage with no CGI. There was a clever use of dance choreography which gave the play a very smooth rhythm. The sets used for the play were extremely imaginative, creative and the way the moving staircases were implemented was incredible. Overall this play was unbelievable and amazing to watch and in no way spoiled the previous seven books. It created a gripping story which worked perfectly on stage.