Books blog: The Lost Art

Bibliophile Freddie Marshall introduces you to exciting new reads every week. This week: The Lost Art.

The Lost Art is a gripping book that goes deep into a concept that merges sci-fi with medieval and magical themes. The geography of the planet has been completely transformed, and any attempt to use science is looked upon as foolishness. All technology from the past has been looked away by the church in an attempt to prevent a new armageddon. The book features three main characters: Va is a murderer-turned-monk looking to start afresh with a life of devotion to his god, pushing his body to the limit no matter what gets in his way. When his monastery is raided and his fellow monks slaughtered, Va realises that some very important books have been stolen. We follow his frantic attempts to recover them. Benzamir fled the world when age old wars broke out. His quest is to find old enemies from the far reaches of space. He brings amazing technology to this world and tries to discover yet more technology hidden by the church. Solomon meanwhile plays a small part in the book, and he could have been better used to develop the plot. His character is intriguing and he plays a crucial part in the story.

The Lost Art is very engrossing and fast-paced. However, the storyline is weak and the characters are underdeveloped. It is your basic quest novel, with a few twists and turns along the way. The plot is never very developed and is what the title suggests. It is just the quest to find the lost book of the church. The characters are interesting but by the end of the book you feel they were not developed as much as they could have been and sometimes they feel a bit wasted. If you are a fan of elaborate scenery and a creative, highly adapted world, then you will thoroughly enjoy this book.