Books blog: Humans

Freddie Marshall‘s next recommendation.

Humans book review The Humans begins when an alien inhabits the body of a Professor who he has just assassinated. He doesn’t appear in his office as he had expected but in the middle of the road with absolutely no clothing! Andrew Martin, the professor that was assasinated, had made an unbelievable mathematical breakthrough. He had solved the Riemann hypothesis. The Vonnadorians, a hugely advanced alien species unknown to humans, believe that humans are not nearly intelligent enough and are to violent and untrustworthy to know about the Riemann hypothesis. They believed they would soon have too much power. The Vonnadorian that has inherited the professor’s’ body has had trouble with the time travel that put him there and has no clue about human culture. He stumbles over to the nearest petrol station and is run over several times before doing so. He finally makes his way over to the university that the Professor worked at. He is then arrested. The book carries on and touches on some very big questions and statements on humankind today. We become attached to the alien and he becomes attached to his family which proves a real challenge as his end goal is to kill them. The author tries to analyse the strange and odd ways of humans in an hilarious but also very engrossing and interesting way. If you enjoy developed characters and science fiction you will thoroughly enjoy this book. Matt Haig uses science fiction to describe many concepts of today such as free will. It is a brilliant book but will only be interesting to a certain age group of the school – boys in Lower School might find it a challenge.