Books blog: The Chocolate War

Freddie Marshall‘s latest book recommendation.

5075054043_b82da3f130_bIn my opinion The Chocolate War is one of Cormier’s greatest and most mesmerising books of all time. It is about a common subject in literature which is conflict in a rough secondary school. This would normally contain many brawls and resolve itself where the main character normally manages to defeat the more powerful school pupils but Cormier twists this genre completely. It starts when Jerry, an average day boy at the school, starts a small revolt against the school’s harsh leaders and constricting environment. It’s not much but he decides to refuse to sell any chocolates in the school’s annual fundraising campaign. However, teachers deliberately start dropping his grades and punishing him at any opportunity possible. It’s a insignificant attempt at a revolution but things start to get deadly serious when he challenges the schools most powerful mob, The Vigils. The Vigils are more powerful and have more authority amongst the students than even the teachers at Trinity High. These actions from Jerry lead to a full blown war amongst the school and the book climaxes with an intense and intriguing ending which will stay with you for a long time.

I strongly recommend this book if you like a fast-paced novel which is an excellent page turner and includes many important morals in the story. The characters are brilliantly developed and you can really feel for a few and become attached to many which makes for a more immersive book. Robert Cormier has written 18 fiction books and this is one of his most successful titles. If you enjoy this book and the author I would recommend Heroes and I am cheese.