Nintendo Switch Review

Taylor Willis gives us his opinion on Nintendo’s newest console called The Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the new console by Nintendo, and it has been extremely popular sales-wise, selling over 5 million units by June alone.


But is it that good?


Let’s start with the concept itself. The Switch is a console, and also a handheld. It uses a dock to switch to a TV mode, and you can take the console out of that to switch to a handheld mode. It’s a very convenient concept, allowing you to take it anywhere. You can also detach the controllers from the console, which makes for nice versatility.

The Switch received several 10/10 reviews from known reviewers

But a console can’t be good without a good controller layout, and interface. The controllers are designed to be easy to use when they are detached and attached to the console. However, this layout is sometimes inconvenient, making it hard to use. However, it’s very good for multi-player games, as most games can use 1 controller for 1 player. The console uses a very simple OS, with a sleek layout and easy to navigate menus. Overall, it’s a great part of the system.


The game line-up is also extremely good, home to games such as The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, which received several 10/10 reviews from known reviewers. It also has some engaging multiplayer games, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


However, how does the Switch compare to the widely loved PS4? The PS4, obviously, is not portable, and is only restricted to a TV Mode, which can be cumbersome or inconvenient at times. There is also a more cluttered home screen, which makes it hard to find what you are looking for at times. However, the PS4 currently has a great game line-up, boasting games like Uncharted 4, which is widely praised, and more games are coming, like some Gran Turismo games, which are exclusive to the system.


The Switch is portable, as said, which can make it perfect for parties. The game lineup, however, can be slim at times, with mostly indie games, and not many large games to play. While most of the games for the system have great reviews, it’s just easier to go to a PS4 for more accessible games. However, more known games are coming to the system, like a port of Skyrim, but this game is quite old, so not many people may want to buy it on the system. There are also fewer exclusives, so while the Switch a console with high portability, it is rather restricted in terms of gaming options.


To conclude, casual gamers or serious gamers that like versatility would love a Switch, but if you like large game line-ups and don’t mind staying indoors, a PS4 might be a better choice.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch is deserving of its sales and praise, with only minor issues. I would definitely recommend it.