Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Better than the original?

Taylor Willis gives us a rundown of the latest Mario Kart game by Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch has a good game lineup but like, Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has added to that good lineup with games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which was another critically acclaimed game, with several great reviews from known reviewers.
This new entry in the series is an extension of the previous entry, Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. Deluxe has a large variety of new content, including new characters, including Link from the Legend of Zelda, mechanics and Battle modes, such as Renegade Roundup, where a group of police armed with Piranha Plants (A take on Venus Flytraps), have to catch criminals, but with Mario Kart mechanics, and there are several more. On the mechanics side, there are new items to use in the heat of race or battle, such as the improved Crazy Eight which gives you many powerful items, like a Superstar, which makes you invincible and faster. There are also 2 new items, which add more variety to the item lineup, like a Boo (a ghost), which can steal items from other players. You can also hold two items at once now, which leads to many more close finishes.

The battle modes are a major improvement.

The new Deluxe variant of Mario Kart 8 comes with some great new maps too, but these are exclusive to Battle Mode. Lunar Colony has players battling it out in zero-gravity on a moonbase, providing the ability to evade (or hit) players more easily. There are several others, too, all with unique quirks and mechanics.

The new battle modes, mentioned earlier, are a major improvement. One of them is Bob-Omb Blast, where players can hold (and throw) as many Bob-Ombs (walking bombs) as they want to take out the others. It’s a frantic game mode, and it’s very fun to play it with some friends, as the room will get very tense. The new modes are a substantial improvement from the original Mario Kart 8, as the original only had Balloon Battle, which was a bland free-for-all which wasn’t very original, but the new modes are fun, and not as unfair as Balloon Battle was, but you can still play Balloon Battle if you wish.

Is it better than the regular Mario Kart 8?

One of the major selling points of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was the new battle modes. But it doesn’t improve much on the regular races. The core concept of Mario Kart, and Battles can’t be very entertaining unless you have some friends. But it’s a good first-time experience, and the new mechanics make some people think it’s better than the Wii U (regular) version. The online variant of Mario Kart 8 is also much more active on Deluxe, with many more players and some improvements from the original. However, some people still play on the Wii U version, even though the Switch version received superior reviews.

Since Mario Kart 8 was already released on the Wii U, whether you should get Deluxe or not depends. It isn’t worth buying Deluxe if you like Mario Kart 8 for the races, but if you enjoy the battles, you should give Deluxe a try, especially with some friends who also like racing games.